Hiring Marketing Rep.
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Marketing coordinator for I.T. company
We are an IT company in Burnaby looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, team-player for a marketing coordinator position. 
-Experience with off-line marketing such as print.
-Experience with Internet marketing including social media.
-Excellent writing skills for ad content, press releases, etc.
-Experience creating basic print and on-line ads - you don't need to be a graphic design artist, 
  but do need to know how to prep basic artwork for ads, promotions, mailings, banners, etc.
-Highly motivated, performance oriented self-starter with ability to work on their own is an absolute must.
-Fluent English with excellent oral and written communication skills.
- Must use of Korean.
The duties of this position include: 
-Researching new ideas for marketing and preparing monthly marketing projects.
-Organizing and executing marketing related tasks based on a monthly/annual schedule. 
-Measuring results of marketing tasks and projects and producing reports.
-Minimal order processing duties including shipping software, email activation keys, etc.
This is a flexible position in a small company so come join us if you think you're the right person for the job!
Eligible candidates will be contacted after submitting resumes by e-mail.
Compensation: Send salary expectations with your resume.
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